Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our message in going forward to repeal BSL in Ontario

The campaign to "change the public's opinion" is not required at this point. Public opinion has no bearing on getting Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) repealed in Ontario. I guarantee you; the government is not getting bombarded by people asking to keep the ban. Once the ban is repealed there will still be people who will be discriminatory, but the difference will be you will have a better ability to protect yourself from nutters and low information people. 

Here's what I believe our messaging needs to be going forward to repeal BSL. 

"Pit bull" is NOT a breed. A dog is either registered purebred or it isn't. (Emphasis on the period). 

Hershey's Bill passed second reading with a wide majority, supported by all three parties. Committee hearings were held for a second time since the original Bill and not one presentation was in favour of the ban! Hershey's Bill just needed to be called for a vote when Dalton McGuinty prorogued. All Bills died on the floor. PC MPP Randy Hillier has tabled a motion to have it brought forward for a vote. 

Kathleen Wynne has stated she has no intention of calling the Bill for a vote. 

Jurisdictions continue to fall like dominoes, repealing existing BSL with fair, enforceable laws that punish negligent owners, regardless of the appearance or breed of their dog. The Ontario Liberals are behind the 8 ball in their views toward animal welfare. Their understanding of effective and fair legislation is obviously flawed. It is common knowledge that "banning" or targeting/discriminatory laws only punish those who abide by laws. 

There is NO evidence to support that dogs are dangerous based on their breed or appearance. (Emphasis on the period). To support otherwise is ignorant or propagandised. 

We want negligent owners punished! Negligent owners not only do a great dis-service to their dog, they also are bad for business for those of us who are good dog owners. We want to see people and their pets as well as those who do not own pets live as harmoniously as possible.

Let's talk about Calgary's Responsible Pet Ownership bylaw. The Liberals were given alternatives but they continue to choose to ignore them.

What people can do to help? Call or write your MPP and simply let them know you support Hershey's Bill, want it brought forward for a vote and want them to support it on your behalf. 

Print off petitions and get family/friends to sign then mail to your MPP. Sheets do not need to be full to be sent in. One signature is fine but more are better!

Topics to avoid;
Dog fighting has nothing to do with BSL. Dog fighting is and has long been a criminal offence in Canada. 

"Pit bulls" are NOT "the most abused". There is no evidence to support this and this statement does not garner sympathy as some believe. 

"Pit bulls" need a special owner. (This is utter BS dogs are individuals). 

"Aggressive people are attracted to 'pit bulls'". Again there is no evidence to support this statement. A negligent owner is a negligent owner regardless of breed. 

I know there are quite a few more topics to avoid but if topics that are on message are discussed, this would be helpful. 

The above topics were basically all we talked about at the All About Pets Show this past weekend. People "got it" and the (8 total out of thousands) naysayers got flustered and angry. They couldn't back up their emotional response to the propaganda machine. We cannot change their beliefs. What we can do is provide the facts. We have that area more than covered since the other side has no evidence or facts to support their beliefs!

I have been asked several times in the past week, "How do I feel about the children getting ripped up by 'pit bulls'?" 

Answer; The same as I feel when people or domestic animals are hurt or worse by any shape or appearance of dog. Why would it be extra tragic if the dog has short hair? That is horribly unfair to those bitten or attacked by other shapes of dogs! How would you tell them that they don't matter because all the media or you personally care about are so called "pit bulls"? 

Remember * Media reports do not equal data! Where dog bites are concerned in the media they should either ALL be reported or NONE at all!

Keep emotions in check. I feel it is best to refer ALL media requests to PC MPP Randy Hillier or NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo at this point. It is not helpful and it is very risky, going forward, to speak with media. MPP's are trained.

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