Saturday, May 24, 2014

WTF is wrong with Ontario?

I think this Ontario election campaign is in grave danger of being 100% railroaded by the greedy, self absorbed, near sighted public unions. It appears to me they are trying and may be successful in throwing Andrea Horwath directly under the bus. The lies, deceit and blatant desperation wreak like a dead carcass. I knew and said this was going to get real ugly when the piggies at the trough see the trough drying up!
I cannot believe that after 10 long years, of what has proved to be the most grossly incompetent government in the history of Ontario, there is enough support that could elect them yet again!
I hope that the "long time NDP piggies at the trough, I mean supporters" pull their heads out of their own a$$e$ and support Andrea, not the Liberal's (which is what they are saying they are going to do). They are still bitching "how could she NOT support the Liberal budget"? Does it not tell you something is tragically wrong when the OLP is bringing down a budget that is giving the NDP cronies wet dreams???
Since when did the political parties become one big circle jerk and exchange/overlap policies and spending habits? Oh, about 10 years ago when Dalton McJerk himself turned the OLP into the largest organization of "legal" organized crime! Kathleen Wynne shows NO sign of jumping off that track and that should scare the bejezzes out of every person in Ontario! If it doesn't then you are either low information or you drank the kool-aid.
Like the parents of kids at the candy store, willing to submit themselves to death by gluttony, we the sane people of this province better get off our ASSES and vote the OLP OUT!
To all the Mike Harris fear mongers, you will be calling him "Daddy" when the entire province implodes from the economic stress of gross money wastage and bloated public sector. In denial? Think again!
When those who are still sane talk about bloated public sector and the need to cut it back the reference is not to nurses, teachers, firemen, water inspectors (as Wynne would have you believe), but referencing the over 650 public agencies (many which do NOTHING but earn a lot of money and achieve NOTHING) that have been created and become sunshine list employers for Liberal insiders, supporters and family such as Sandra Pupatello (new hydro appt) and Kathleen Wynne's brother in law (now head of eHealth) just as two examples! Not to mention Pat Dillion (Working Families Coalition) firmly planted at the trough at OCOT (Ontario College of Trades).
Hate to sound like Rofo but the gravy train MUST stop! We are in very serious trouble. Under the OLP's watch, jobs, business and manufacturing have been streaming out of Ontario. We went from the economic engine of Canada to a have not province all under the OLP's watch!
Warren Kinsella, Dwight Duncan and even Donna Cansfield are all speaking out against the OLP's plan and direction. Why are we still talking about how the OLP may form government again? Smells like a dead rotting rat to me!
Give your head a serious shake Ontario!
Yes it's a nice day out and I'm sitting here writing out a long ranty post but this is important damn it! Our future depends on it.

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