Tuesday, August 29, 2017

August 29, 2017 Twelve Year Anniversary of BSL in Ontario

Today marks the 12th year of living with BSL in Ontario.. I am no less angry today as I was then. Likely more, if that's possible.
I feel as though I've lost over a decade of my life fighting this insanity. I cannot let it go because I refuse to live where you cannot keep your dogs safe simply based on their appearance and the constant looking over your shoulder fearful that someone may be irrationally fearful of dogs.
I have stood by hundreds of people who haven't been able to protect their dogs. Many have got them back but after much stress, anxiety and money spent on lawyer, time off work etc.
I have seen so many good dogs ripped away from good owners just because of the way the dog looks. The law is based on pure lies and propaganda. We have tried everything. Court, getting Bills to repeal tabled, relentless petitions, emails, tweets and social media pressure. We've met and talked with MPP's from all parties but the OLP won't repeal. They know they screwed up but they won't let it go.
Public safety is the same as it was pre-ban but thousands of dog owners have paid the price through stress, anxiety, depression, paranoia, loosing their pets, wondering if they'll loose their pets or having to fight for their pets lives.
The Ontario Liberal Party has a lot to answer for! I don't know how sick in the head one has to be to believe that hanging on to a bad law and putting people through this is just and right..
The election is coming up again next June. It's long long overdue that the incompetence of Kathleen Wynne and the OLP receive what's coming to them. A giant loss. I hope they lose party status but that may be only in my dreams.
Hang in there fellow dog owners. I still believe a repeal is within reach. We just need to get rid of the nasty OLP! Without getting them out we will continue to mark another year of living under their oppressive bad law.
The only upside to this nightmare is I've met a lot of great people that I likely wouldn't have otherwise met. I've gained some very close friends. I've also lost some very close friends this past year. I feel very strongly that BSL in Ontario was a contributing factor to each of their deaths.
I would like to mention the tireless effort of three people who fought like hell to get a repeal. I wish they'd lived to see it...
In loving memory of;
Selma Mulvey
Laurie Roseborough
Emily Ugarenko
You were all such a painful loss and you are missed every minute of every day..
Thank you for all your hard work, determination and tenacity. We continue onward without you but your influence will always be in our hearts..

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