Friday, January 29, 2010

Holy Toledo! The discrimination against "pitbulls" has ended!

So I was just having a nice fantasy about what it will be like here once we get this bullshit ban overturned in OnScario! Burn the muzzles, get a puppy or go for a walk like normal dog owners without looking over your shoulder wondering if this will be the day you and your dog get thrown under the bus just cause someone doesn't like the look of you or your dog.

It is happening in Toledo! Dog Nazi catcher Skeldon is now safely off the streets of Toledo and the law has been found unconstitutional. Double whammy in the jubilation department.

Read more here.
The Lucas County Dog Warden's office has stopped enforcing the city of Toledo's controversial vicious-dogs law and “pit bull” restrictions following a judge's ruling last week that parts of the law are unconstitutional.

County and city officials asked late last week that Acting Dog Warden Bonnie Mitchell stop her deputies from targeting “pit bulls” and “pit bull” mixes, as they were doing to carry out the law, County Administrator Mike Beazley said Thursday.

“We've directed them to not enforce Toledo's law,” he said.
The law limits city residents to owning just one “pit bull” or “pit bull” mix dog and requires that owners keep their animal leashed and muzzled when it's away from home. A violation is a misdemeanor offense.

We dog owners in Ontariostan are dancing in the streets for you! Congrats and hope we are right behind ya.. Denver too!

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