Friday, January 22, 2010

Toledo Judge strikes down "pitbull" restrictions

There is some good news out of Ohio. Not only have things improved since 
Tom Skeldon (incompetent and barbaric dog warden for Lucas County Ohio extraordinaire) was let go, but a Toledo judge has struck "pitbull" restrictions as unconstitutional based on conflict with the state law and were unconstitutional under the home-rule doctrine.

Animal Law Coalition has an in depth piece. Read it here.

KC Dog Blog also has a good article about this as well. Read it here.  

Ohio may have a clear path to fair and equal treatment under the law for dog owners now. I know a lot of dogs will now have a chance to live and dog owners will be protected from the reign of terror Skeldon held while he was employed as Lucas County dog catcher. Many dogs needlessly lost their lives while Skeldon was in charge.

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