Monday, February 8, 2010

Excellent article on the stripping of pet owners rights

I came across an excellent article on a blog called "Know The Lies".

It is called Your Cats and Dogs belong to You.. Not the Government.. Maybe!

This article was written by Dean A. Ayers.

Dogs, cats, pets and other animals have never been more a part of our lives than they are today. Even though nearly 45 million American homes have at least one canine or feline family member, dogs are being forced out of their homes by various dog ban legislation, dog taxing licensing, and dog law tyranny thru the mandatory requirements for home owner’s insurance outrageous premiums as a result of legislation dog insurance mandates.
These mandated dog insurance policies are being pushed by various animal rights activist groups, and law making people who ‘buy into’ the local media ‘hype’ when a dog bite incident occurs on private property or in the community.
The erosion of our freedom to own dogs, cats, pets and animals, rings true of the current political climate in the USA Today. We the People who own dogs, cats, pets and animals are especially struck by the public’s statements concerning agreement or apathy towards all the various government licensing to include that of our dogs, cats, pets and animals.
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