Friday, April 23, 2010

McGuinty banning sex?

In a shocking article today the headline read; McGuinty backs down on frank sex ed.

What is shocking about this headline is the "backing down" part. Since when does Nanny McFee listen to any sort of reason or what the people of this province actually want? 

Since McGuinty "backed down" from the sex ed proposal, you know what will follow. Banning sex! If you can't implement the legislation then fix the problem and just ban sex. If the kids never have sex, you won't have to teach them about it. That way there are no problems with irate parents and no problems with kids not knowing what to do when the time comes. 

The list of banned acts and items in this province continue to climb to record proportions. 

Never fear, he still managed to slide a ban into the day! From another headline today; Ontario to ban toilets that waste water.

Even if I agreed, I can't get past Nanny McFee and his ban - o - thon. McGuinty could come up with the best damn idea you ever thought of and I would want to wring his scrawny neck. He is the absolute worst premier this province has ever had. 

All I have to say is, thank the LORD they didn't go through with this sex ed plan and McGuinty show up to demonstrate for one of those awesome Fiberal photo ops they so love to do in schools. He is the "education" premier, remember...

Oh my goodness, creep me out.. I just killed myself with that mental picture.

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  1. Good cartoon! McGuinty might ban sex, since he only bans things he doesn't know anything about.

    Can we please Dump Dalton in 2011? I couldn't believe he got elected the first time, but re-elected? It explains why he's such a douchebag though, since he seems to be able to lie constantly, do the exact opposite of what he says he'll do and bring in all kinds of garbage nobody wants - and still get elected. I hope everybody noted that Smitherman's seat went Liberal again. Sigh....when will the drugs wear off in Ontario?