Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Inherently dangerous beast (Michael Bryant) charged in fatality

I hate to say, I told you so… Now a Toronto cyclist is dead, following a vicious act last night when former Attorney General of Ontario (McGuinty Fiberal's) Michael Bryant, went off like a ticking time bomb!

The latest fatality stats were released early this morning for Ontario.
Fatalities caused by “pitbulls”                  0
Fatalities caused by Michael Bryant          1

According to CBC news this afternoon;

“Michael James Bryant, 43 years of age, of Toronto, is now charged with
criminal negligence causing death and dangerous operation of a motor
vehicle causing death,” said Toronto police Sgt. Tim Burrows at an
impromptu news conference outside the headquarters of the force's
traffic division.
Bryant's future is unclear following the death of a cyclist on Bloor Street West near Bay Street on Monday night.
Not to appear to gleefully that Karma has taken a public form; but there are obviously thousands of people who feel a rush of enthusiasm at the thoughts of MB becoming someones “bitch” in Government Hotel. The hit counter hit well in excess of 260,000 this morning when the news broke.
Michael J. Bryant is responsible for ruining the lives of Ontarian's during his unstable, sociopath behavior and crazed run as Attorney General of Ontario. He was responsible for legislation banning “pitbulls” and using the legislation that banned the fictitious breed of dog to crush the cars of street racers, among other things (list far too long). Uncanny really how he would find himself charged with criminal negligence causing death and dangerous operation of a vehicle causing the death of city courier, 33-year-old Darcy Allan Sheppard of Toronto. The victim is also the father of an infant son.

The witnesses said it appeared as though Bryant was attempting to
knock Sheppard off the car by brushing against trees and mailboxes on
Bloor Street approaching Avenue Road. Burrows said Sheppard was
“essentially a pedestrian,” having left his bicycle.

Police said Sheppard sustained severe injuries after striking a mailbox and a tree while still hanging on to the car. He was dragged and then run over by the rear wheels of the vehicle. He was rushed to Toronto's St. Michael's Hospital, according to police.
Sheppard was pronounced dead a short time later.
Getting back to the dire warnings we tried to warn people of going back as far as early 2004. It is a matter of public safety! Nobody listened to us. The picture below is of a poster I carried around Queen's Park August 29th, 2005. We knew then what this man was capable of but no one listened. 

I along with countless other citizens of Ontario, wish to express our voice, that the full measure of the law be used to give this man what he deserves. This man is a danger to public safety and must be locked up. Everyone deserves fair and due process, but then again those of us on the receiving end of bull**** legislation did not receive fair and due process.
As they say, a picture says a 1000 words…. Jury selection for Bryant's trial.

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