Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sarnia dogs released! But no pat on the back for Sarnia...

I was away for the weekend so wasn't able to update on the Sarnia dogs..
Chicobandido has the story.
The dogs have been released to their owners.
Thank you to Al Bennet for injecting some sense into this situation.
Here is the media release from earlier today:

City of Sarnia
Media Release
Date: September 21, 2009
Release Date: Immediate
From: Lloyd Fennell, City Manager
Subject: Release of Dogs

The City of Sarnia is arranging for the release of the three mixed-breed dogs that were detained on the basis of having similar characteristics to a “Pit Bull” as outlined by the Dog Owners Liability Act (DOLA).
Following the detentions, the dogs Capone, Maddie and Carter were examined by an expert of the owners choice and one of the City's choice.
Both examinations found that the dogs were not “Pit Bulls” nor do they have the appearance or physical characteristics of the “Pit Bull” breed.
While the dogs were detained, extensions were given to the euthanasia of the dogs to allow for the examinations.
The City wanted to get the necessary information to ensure the right decision was made and that is now the case.
Following discussions with the owners' lawyer, the dogs will be released to their owners subject to them being spayed and neutered in accordance with the recommendations of the owners' expert.
The city is satisfied that the release of the dogs back to their owners is the right decision and will work with the owners to ensure that the recommendations are followed in the release.
Lloyd Fennell
City Manager

A couple of comments..

First off, do you think maybe part of the problem is that some people (at least AC in Sarnia) are still believing “pitbull” is a breed! “Pitbull” is a short haired mutt. You cannot identify the lineage of a cross bred or mutt dog, period. Cannot be done, nada, no no no.
Why is the city stipulating the dogs be neutered and spayed? The dogs have been declared legal. These owners have done nothing wrong. Why are they being ordered to alter their dogs? Don't assume I am advocating they do not alter their dogs but shouldn't it be a choice?
At least the dogs' have been released back to their owners.
I guess we shouldn't hold our breath for an apology. I do not see any heroics on behalf of the city of Sarnia. May they hang their heads in shame for targeting dog owners (again) within the city of Sarnia. Targeting owners of short haired mutts based on looks not behaviour. If a dog is acting in a dangerous manner, no matter how it looks, the owner should be dealt with. If your dog accidentally gets loose well, as they say (shit happens). If it is chronic there may be a problem. To kill someone's dog while hiding behind the BS the Fib's have brought to this province is despicable. 

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