Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bryant; No repentance but close!

So is Bryant dating Nikki Holland?

Bryant's pit bull legislation bites back

Finally, some proof of canine karma.
As attorney general in 2005, Michael Bryant banned pit bulls in Ontario. But now he’s separated from his wife and dating a woman who told him she “doesn’t know if she can get past it.”
“She’s a dog lover,” said Bryant, insisting he is, too.
While Bryant says he wouldn’t change his decision to ban pit bulls, he regrets the fallout at the time.
“I think some people got demonized by their own neighbours by virtue of owning a pit bull,” he said. “And that was never the intention.”

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  1. Not enough. It can never be enough.

    There are dogs who are no longer living, no longer breathing, not playing in the sun. They are rotting in the cold ground because of Bryant and the McGuinty Liberals.

    There are people with broken hearts whose dogs were killed because of Bryant and the McGuinty Liberals and their unfounded, unjust, vague, shoddy, ineffective and fiscally irresponsible breed-specific legislation.

    And he whines about dating.
    Makes me wanna puke.