Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reason # 43 McGuinty MUST GO!

Honestly if any person even considers voting for the low life, dishonest Liberals, you seriously need your head read!
Christina Blizzard (love her) revealed another unbelievable tidbit.
Voters are opening up their mail this week to find “Accounting summaries” that set out payments made to them for the HST transition payment and the Ontario Energy and Property Tax credit paid to seniors.
One person who contacted me had received an “accounting” for more than $200: $100 for the third part of the HST rebate — sent out in June — and $139 for the Energy and Property Tax credit.
Another person, west-end Toronto resident Ala Gettlich discovered the letter when she picked up the mail for her elderly mother.
Dated Sept. 27, the notice included a partisan political message from Premier Dalton McGuinty — just days before the provincial vote.
It’s on Government of Ontario letterhead and gives the return address as Sudbury.
“Ontario’s tax changes will help create almost 600,000 new jobs by making our province more attractive for new business investments and provide tax relief with personal income tax cuts. As part of that plan, the federal and provincial sales taxes were merged into a single sales tax — the HST,” says the note.
“To help you through this transition, you are receiving the third payment of the Sales Tax Transition Benefit. This is in addition to personal income tax cuts that started in 2010.”
The letter lists the provincial Ministry of Revenue website and is signed, “Sincerely, Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario.
“Your payment of $100 has been direct deposited into your bank account,” it goes on.
Except the credit was made in June and these notices were sent out just a couple of days ago.

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