Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bryant's former employee caught giving cigg's to people in shelter for votes

According to the Toronto Sun, Nikki Holland, Michael Bryant's former communication director, was caught saying in an audio recording...
 "I have done crazy things," Holland says. "Like ... and if anyone repeats this I'll deny it (until) the cows come home ... I have gone to a shelter in the riding of St. Paul's with a carton of smokes and said, 'I'll give you them after you vote.' I have done that ... but they were already smokers."
Holland was apparently on Bryant's "speed dial" after he ran over Darcy Sheppard August 29, 2009.  The Star printed a story about the identity of the woman who brought a suit and shirt and tie down to Metro Toronto Police so Bryant could spruce up before his media conference.
The act of handing out smokes in exchange for votes is otherwise known as electoral fraud
Shame on you.. How low will you go? 
Hey Ontario Liberal's.. don't bother answering that question. We already know the answer!

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