Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reason # 23 McGuinty Must Go!

At a High School in Markham, McGuinty was there to do a photo op. The class was told by the teacher that students who did not support McGuinty and the Liberal's could leave. Six students left the room. The students were then labeled "anarchists" and the photo op continued. This was confirmed by TVO "The Agenda's" Steve Paiken who was in attendance.
This begs the question, where there only 6 students in attendance?
Here is the article;
We were saddened today to learn that at Dalton McGuinty’s campaign event this morning, students who do not support Dalton McGuinty and the Ontario Liberal Party were advised to leave the classroom.  The six students who left the room were then labeled as “anarchists”.

Freedom of speech and freedom of  expression are the cornerstones of our democratic system and those values should be promoted in our schools and other public institutions most of all.
Dalton McGuinty must answer for whether his campaign tour team pressured the teacher to take this action as part of his tightly scripted campaign event.”


TVO reporter Steve Paikin who attended Dalton McGuinty’s campaign event at Markville Secondary School this morning tweeted on the matter below:
spaikin Steve Paikin awaiting @Dalton_McGuinty at markham secondary sch. the teacher just said to studs “if you’re anti-lib, you can leave.” 6 kids did. #onpoli
spaikin Steve Paikin the teacher continues: “ok, now that the anarchists have left…” @Dalton_McGuintyvisiting a robotics class. #onpoli

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