Monday, September 12, 2011

Reason # 26 McGuinty Must Go!

His incomprehension of fair and equal treatment.
It cracks me up that McGuinty is calling on Hudak to apologize for calling McGuinty's tax cuts for immigrants an "affirmative action for foreign workers". What is wrong with the word "foreign" now? If people are new to Canada, they came from some where.
Quick dictionary meaning; "One who is from a foreign country or place".
McIdiot says there is no us and them. Well there wasn't until he turned it into an election promise!
McGuinty is known for his divisive politicking. His deadbeat dad-like ways have created an "us and them" divisiveness between kids who are overweight and those who are not. Dog owners who own dogs that "look" a certain way and those that do not....
Those who love to be told what to do by the government and those who do not... er no.. that is the difference between Ontario Liberal supporters and the rest of us. 
What a douchebag!
On October 6th please vote for the candidate most likely to beat the Liberal!

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