Monday, September 12, 2011

Reason # 27 McGuinty Must Go!

McGuinty is NOT called Pinocchio for no reason! 
He lies and lies and lies..
At the committee hearings prior to the "pitbull" ban being put in place there were 102 presentations. 86 were AGAINST the ban from experts worldwide. Of the few that were in favor of the ban, most were victims of alleged "pitbull" attacks, however we know that mis-identification is the main problem with banning a non-existent or fictitious breed.
McGuinty knew as plain as the longggggggggg nose on his face that the word "pitbull" is a slang term for a shape of dog of unknown lineage. He also knew the purebreds are very rare, less than 1000 dogs all 3 breeds combined in the whole province. He was also informed you cannot breed dogs for aggression. Aggression is a behavior. He also knew that scientifically what he based the ban on was urban myth and propaganda. He had all the facts, and we can prove it, yet steamrolled ahead.
The tragedy of thousands of good dogs, many of them just puppies, being killed for how they look in this province is blood on his hands. The hundreds of dog owners that have had to give up their pet to be shipped out of province or killed is heartbreaking. The McGuinty Liberals send an intervenor to nearly all individual cases, using our tax dollars and Attorney General resources, to try to kill dogs for how they look. Most of these cases the owner and dog are innocent of any wrong doing but were identified as the dog being a "pitbull". 
Here is an intereview that is worth reposting. It speaks volumes to the absolute rubbish that McGuinty would have you, the voter, believe. If you care about discrimination you must think about who you want to vote for. If you care about the discrimination of dog owners, for owning a dog that "looks" a certain way please think before voting. If you care about McGuinty's divisive policies and legislation that has caused REAL heartache, pain and suffering to Ontario's citizens..
Please vote for the candidate most likely to beat the Liberal on October 6th!

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