Friday, September 16, 2011

Reason # 31 McGuinty Must Go!

McGuinty initially made an election promise to extend government-funded treatment as an election promise in 2003 but reneged on that promise once elected. 
There was a lawsuit, brought forward by 29 families with autistic children, which challenged the McGuinty Liberals in court on grounds of discrimination based on age and disability.
It costs parents on average $60,000 to treat a child, which for a lot of parents is not possible. The case was initially won by the parents ordering the government to pay for treatment of children with autism over 6 yrs old but the McGuinty Liberals appealed the ruling and won the appeal which struck down the original ruling.
After the initial ruling, McGuinty said "he was concerned by a court ruling that requires a government to spend money it might not have". But it is ok to dole out taxpayers money to unions essentially paying them to advertise and back he and the provincial Liberals in their campaign! Or flush billions of dollars down the toilet on E Health, OLG and CAS while not keeping an eye on agencies burning through money like kindling. 
In true discriminatory fashion McGuinty justified the government's decision to appeal the April 2005 ruling, saying " children with autism represent only a minority of youngsters with special needs".
Divisive and discriminatory is the McGuinty way.  
Speaking from experience, we dog owners know first hand the McGuinty Liberals will spend any amount of taxpayers money to fight those of us discriminated against, in court. We too took the McGuinty Liberals to court on constitutional grounds. We too won the first round in court and had major portions of the breed ban struck but the McGuinty Liberals appealed and the ban was reinstated to its original form.
We appealed to Supreme Court of Canada, but the SSC refused to hear out case. They only agree to hear approximately 10% of all cases filed, however that whole adventure cost we dog owners 3/4 of a million dollars of hard earned fund-raising.
The McGuinty Liberals, on the other hand used our taxpayers dollars to fight us in court just as they did with the autistic children's parents! There have been numerous constitutional challenges against the McGuinty Liberals. Too many to count. There is also currently a constitutional challenge in court over the Special Purpose Charge I explained in a previous blog post. 
How happy does that make you to know how your tax payer dollars are being spent?
On October 6th vote for the candidate most likely to beat the Liberal!

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