Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reason # 38 McGuinty Must Go!

The Liberals' promise of $10,000 tax credit for employers offering training and a first job to new Canadian professionals who have been in the country for under five years has been a bone of contention from the start of the election.
Initially, the Liberals were forced to admit it would only apply to very few people given that it is almost impossible to become a Canadian citizen in much less than five years.
McGuinty brushed off the suggestion that his government would in fact be discriminating against permanent residents with the proposed program however all aspects of this promise are discriminatory and will be sure to open up yet another court case against the McGuinty Liberals on human rights grounds.
The court system is certainly benefiting from McGuinty's stint as the worst premier in Ontario's history. The cases keep mounting up.

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